crisp. fresh. fall. leaves.

It is hard to believe I am 34 weeks preggo! I couldn't be more ready for FALL. =) I am already getting my fall decor organized and ready to put up this weekend. This is going to be one busy week for me. Today was chore day. Tomorrow is my one relaxation day. Wednesday is mommies group with my munchkin at our church & errands/grocery shopping. Thursday is my GIRLS NIGHT & a devotional with my lady friends from church. (which is awesome because we have dinner and stay up super late and talk with no kiddos and no hubbies. *wink*) Friday I will be preparing for my baby shower on Saturday. And of course, Saturday is my baby shower! *whew*

On another note - I went through a month where I hardly cleaned at all. August being that month. Now, I am back in action - cleaning every knick and cranny trying my darndest to get this apartment spotless for fall and for new baby! =) I am so excited to get to wear my new post-baby wardrobe! Hope everyone has a great week - I know I am going to LOVE mine! No matter what!

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