.update time - indeed.

.baby E is on his way.

{35 weeks}

(as of September 5th)

I am now 37 weeks pregnant and I am finally ready to be done with it all. ha ha. I am feeling fine, other than the usual swollen feet and hands, crampy body, back aches, and some small contractions. Finally over the migraines - THANK GOD! I had my baby shower - it was thrown on the 4th of September, and here in OH, it was a VERY windy day. So it was crazy and hilarious to see us all trying to keep our food on our plates, and tablecloths on the tables, and decorations from going everywhere. ha ha. Hope all of you are doing well out there in the blogging world.

Due: October 13th.

Last Doctor Appointment (last monday): dilated 3cm.

This should be interesting. hmm.

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