.long time no see.

ok. so I am sorry for being gone so long. but I have been super busy lately AND super tired, crampy, and moody as heck. lol. I am now 33 weeks preggo and this was the last picture I took. I know I need to take another. *sigh* my baby shower is coming up next weekend. I still need a few things...hoping I get them from the shower. thank GOD it is starting to cool down around here - I can't wait for FALL. afterall, it is my favorite season. :) okay - so I will try to post more later - baby is fine - mommy is fine - I will update when I take a new picture - and probably after my shower. everyone have a GREAT day.


  1. You look amazing!! And seriously, I am LOVING this weather.

  2. Aww, thanks! :) Yeah, I am so glad to have some cool weather!