Wow. Sorry for the lack of updates folks. It has been a crazy few weeks. I have been throwing more Thirty One parties than I know what to do with! I don't think I've ever partied so hard in my life! Ha! 

So...I've been doing a little primping lately. I never 'pamper' myself, and I just got down right tired of that! So, I have settled in my 'new body'. Not really new. Not new at all. I am just finally happy with myself. No more worried about trying to be a size 0, no more trying to fit in 'those' jeans. 

I have found a wonderful store (when I say found...I mean I found it like 3 years ago, but just now started shopping at it regularly. New York & Company. What a wonderful store! I love it!

So anyway - here are some pics from the past few weeks. Love my new hat! Which, that is another new development...I have started wearing hats! Who knew!?! LOL. I love them! I think I might just be growing up. Ha Ha.

May you all have a joyful and lovely holiday!



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