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My Mommies Group craft for today. 

#1. Construction Paper
#2. Scissors
#3. Glue
#4 Green Glitter
#5 Tongue Depressor
#6 Popcorn

"Breaking Dawn Part II" is almost here. A re-read is a must. 

Learning to love me. I may not be perfect. Or a size 0, but I am beautiful just the way God made me. 

My front porch. :)

Fall is such a beautiful time. :) 

**Yes, those are door mats - well - step mats. When we moved in our new place - these were laying in one of the sheds out back. I cleaned them up and put them to good use. Weather proof too. Pretty awesome update. The best part? It was FREE. :)**

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  1. I cannot WAIT for Breaking Dawn Part 2...I only got into the books last month but I read them all and caught up with all the movies!