Fun In The Sun - Backyard Beach

Me getting my TAN on. *laughs*

R.A. having fun in his kiddie pool at Mamaw's.

(Got those balls in the pool for .10 cents each at a Yard Sale today! Whoot Whoot!)

"This water tastes funny mom..."*lol*

R.A. having fun in his pool.

E.J. having fun watching 'big brother' in the kiddie pool.

Isn't it amazing how time flies? Especially when you are having fun. With everything that has been going on in my life...I have truly come closer to God. Walking and talking with Him all through the day. It gives me peace. It makes me realize what life is truly about. What matters most. And all of that. I am realizing that my boys matter the most to me. Hands down. God is first in my life, by far. But he gave me my children, and I can't seem to thank Him enough. *smiles* I am loving life these days - despite the nasty circumstances. Learning to love. Learning to forgive. Learning to LIVE. It is a pretty amazing thing.

Have a great evening folks.

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