Thankful For A New Year. A New Me.

Wow. Sorry it has been so long, folks. Wow. I am trying to wrap my mind around how I have been doing lately. I have been so busy. There has been so much happening in my life right now. Things I never thought I'd go through, I did. God gave me strength to get through each and every single circumstance. Which, way down deep in the bottom of my heart...I knew He would, of course. *smiles* I am learning to let go. I have faith. I am practicing my faith a lot more. This new year. This 2012 - we have big plans. My husband and I are falling in love all over again and we are falling in love with our children all over again. It is just amazing what God can do. How he answers our prayers...and in HIS time. Not ours. When we but listen to Him, and stop talking. Stop whining. Stop mumbling. We can truly be blessed and learn something. I know I have.

Movie recommendation: "Courageous". Highly recommend. My husband and I sobbed like babies. It truly hit home.

Most exciting moment this month: (can't tell ya that one. *winks*) Close second: Hubby bringing me a dozen white long stem roses home in a nice clear vase with a big white ribbon around them. They were stunning. He knocked on the door when he came home last night, and I opened the door to find him holding them. *smiles* Totally made me blush.

I don't think I've smiled this much in months. Maybe even a couple of years. Or a few. I feel like this is the best it has ever been. And I'm looking forward to our future together. As a couple. As a family.

Lord, thank You for Your many blessings. Amen.

*hugs family tightly*

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